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Get Your Sleep as March is National Sleep Awareness Month

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Sleep Tech Picks for National Sleep Awareness Month:

The World's Smallest White Noise Machine®: This palm-sized noise machine helps lull you to a restful sleep no matter where you are - on a plane, train, hotel or home. Features 10 different continuous WHITE NOISE tones, a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts for 25 hours and a built-in clip that attaches to pockets or clothes.

Bluetooth Sound Therapy System®: Enables you to play built-in sleep sounds or use Bluetooth® to stream music from your enabled device or free Sound Oasis apps. Features sleep sensitive indicator lights that turn off after 10 seconds and allows for hands-free telephone use.

ILLUMY® Sleep & Wake Mask:  ILLUMY helps you fall asleep to a gradually dimming red sunset and wake up to a gradually brightening blue-sky sunrise. For those needing extra help, patented Sleep Enhancement® technology uses pulsating lights to nudge you to sleep at bedtime and wake you up in the morning. ILLUMY uses the same technology that NASA uses to help astronauts improve their sleep in the International Space Station.

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