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Yonanas Classic & Yonanas Elite Review: Creating Healthy Frozen Dessert

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Yonanas Classic & Yonanas Elite Review
Yonanas Classic & Yonanas Elite Review

Family time is precious, but coming up with fun things to do that everyone can agree on can be challenging. An ice cream run is always loved by all, so why not make your own DIY dessert at home? With Yonanas, parents and kids can make soft-serve textured "nice cream" with just one ingredient: fruit!

Easy to use, simply thaw any frozen fruit and place it through the chute to create Yonanas. Improvisation is encouraged - any frozen fruit that is taking up space in your freezer will suffice. Each Yonanas maker comes with a booklet featuring hundreds of unique recipes for those who prefer a little more guidance. For example,Cherry Yonanas recipe includes frozen bananas and pitted cherries, and the Chocolate Chip Yonanas recipe calls for frozen bananas and dark chocolate. Both treats are sweet enough to satisfy your ice cream cravings, a blast to make, and healthy with no added sugar, dairy or artificial ingredients.

Yonanas is safer than a blender, as the blade is concealed once the Yonanas maker is assembled and it is operated with the push of one button. Any young chef mix and make their own creations!

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The Yonanas Classic is available for $49.99 at retailers nationwide including Bed, Bath & Beyond. The Yonanas Elite model is available for $120.

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