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Top 5 Best Drug Rehab Centers in Orange County, CA 2018

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Top 5 Best Drug Rehab Centers in Orange County, CA 2018
Top 5 Best Drug Rehab Centers in Orange County, CA 2018

Are you looking for the best drug rehab center around Orange County area for your loved ones or yourself?

You came to the right place as we have compiled best 5 drug addiction rehab centers around this area.

Not only you will save time and money but these services will help your loved ones recovery and have new beginning in their life!

Check out the list below!

1) Broadway Treatment Center

Broadway Treatment Center
(Photo : Broadway Treatment Center) Broadway Treatment Center

Serving Southern California since 2012, Broadway Treatment Center is an award winning behavioral healthcare provider specializing in the treatment of addiction and co-occurring psychological disorders.

Addiction is a chronic and progressive disease, as such, Broadway Treatment Center believes that the successful treatment of addiction requires a caring, multi-disciplinary and long-term approach. Broadway Treatment Center's program offers a full spectrum of solutions along the continuum of care, beginning with clinically managed detox and progressing through the outpatient levels of care.

Broadway Treatment Center
Broadway Treatment Center

Broadway Treatment Center curriculum is based on a foundation of effective treatment strategies both traditional and contemporary, that address the physical, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of addiction, and incorporate outcome measurement and screening tools to provide data needed to develop an effective and attainable treatment plan.

Broadway Treatment Center's skilled clinical team will help participants to better understand addiction, build motivation for recovery, develop a plan to avoid future relapse, and maintain a healthy trajectory into the future. Participants successfully completing the program will have gained the knowledge and skills needed to lead a productive life free from the bondage of addiction.

2) Windward Way

Windward Way has successfully treated thousands of men for drug and alcohol addiction. Our clinically supervised, dually accredited treatment center and long-term program of recovery provide our clients with medical assistance and real-world life skills, including responsibility, accountability, and structure. Windward Way is simply the best substance abuse program you can find for men aged 18 to 45.

As a leading US addiction rehab center, Windward way provides a healthy, positive environment where our clients learn the recovery process in an atmosphere of mutual respect. We believe that many who suffer from addiction are missing basic life skills. Windward Way aims to help clients shift focus and thrive by passing along the hope in recovery that counselors and staff embody and embrace.

3) Seacliff Recovery Center

Seacliff Recovery Center is a Huntington Beach alcohol and drug rehab center that uses an individualized approach for recovery. Our method allows for integrated healing of the mind, body, and spirit through meditation, group therapy and individual counseling. Seacliff Recovery Center incorporate the 12 steps in our program, and require clients to attend meetings, find sponsorships, and participate in 12-step work throughout their stay. Seacliff Recovery Center's program helps individuals plan for their future by providing clients with life-skills education and with the opportunity to attend college or seek employment. Seacliff Recovery Center alcohol and drug treatment programs equip clients with the tools necessary to build a solid foundation of recovery.

4) Anaheim Lighthouse

Anaheim Lighthouse offers a home-like setting in adjacent four-plex units. Anaheim Lighthouse provides detox services as a first step. This gives us an opportunity to monitor each client for as long as necessary to reach the level of physical and emotional stability that allows them the strength to move on into residential treatment. Anaheim Lighthouse has separate facilities for men and women, with a total of 103 beds. During treatment, Anaheim Lighthouse work with clients and their families in education, communication and socialization. Anaheim Lighthouse's addiction treatment program includes individual and group counseling and therapy, with special groups focusing on dual diagnosis, trauma recovery and family relationships. Anaheim Lighthouse is committed to saving lives by providing as many resources as we can to help ensure each client’s success.

5) Transforming Life Center

With 30 Years of experience we provide a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation which takes place during recovery at The Transforming Life Sober Living center.

The Transforming Life Center to provide clients with the skills and knowledge to live the kind of life they are striving for. Transforming Life Center compassionate staff is here every step of the way to provide guidance and support to clients.

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