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Heart Health: Yoga Is As Healthy As Cycling, Aids In Weight Loss And Reduces Blood Pressure

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(Photo : John Sciulli / Getty Images Entertainment) Yoga is good for the heart.

Yoga has been well-known for thousands of years as a form of meditation and relaxation. It has evolved into a form of physical activity that has now incurred many health benefits.

It has been revealed that yoga is as healthy for the heart as cycling. It can aid in weight loss and cuts down blood pressure. This is according to a recent study by researchers as they studied and analyzed 37 studies on the health benefits of yoga.

It turns out that this quiet and peaceful activity of yoga is also good for the heart as cycling, less the sweat and cardio. It promotes strength, flexibility and meditation that help the body to lose weight and reduce the blood pressure. The researchers found out that yoga can lead to weight loss, can lower bad cholesterol levels and cuts down blood pressure.

As a matter of fact, they found out that it is as good as cycling and brisk walking. However, in some instances, it is even better for relaxation that prescription pills. They also found out that regular sessions of yoga can even help in quitting smoking. The researchers, however, did not mention the exact mechanism of yoga why it is very effective. Yet, they claim that the combination of physical activity and stress relief may be the key to its success.

This is important because for people who are not allowed to do strenuous exercise can perform yoga with the same benefits to the heart as brisk walking or cycling. The many studies all point out to one thing, that yoga has many health benefits especially to the cardiovascular system

Coronary heart disease is the number one killer of people around the world. The study has analyzed 37 studies which included 2,700 people and found out that yoga can indeed improve health.

In one study, men and women were prescribed to do yoga and they lost 5 pounds more than those who did not perform any physical exercise. Apparently, their heart health also improved with reduced blood pressure and better overall cardiovascular health.

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