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You Need to Take Advantage of Houseplants and Aquariums in Senior Housing

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Top-quality retirement residences are places where seniors can live without having to worry about the chores, housekeeping, and tasks of living alone. They're fun and social places that also make various levels of care available to seniors who need it. A retirement residence can be a place where anyone can live happily, independently, and with dignity.

However, making the move to a retirement residence can feel intimidating at first, especially for seniors who have been used to living in their own home and neighborhood.

One way you can help a loved one (or yourself) with the transition to a retirement residence is sprucing up your suite with some natural life.

Houseplants and tropical fish are great choices for adding some color, vibrancy, and life to any new home, including a suite in a retirement residence. It's worth exploring how houseplants and aquariums offer benefits for seniors moving into a new home.

Houseplants Are Great Housewarming Gifts for Seniors

Houseplants are more than just decorative. They add color and greenery to any room they're in, and they purify the air of the room. Lilies, spider plants, snake plants, and ficus are all great at purifying the air - but before you give them as a gift, check to see if they're toxic to any animals the recipient may own. Lilies, for example, are toxic to cats.

Other great plants to give to seniors are those that are relatively easy to care for and don't grow too rapidly - unless they have a passion for gardening. Some great plants for seniors include Aloe Vera, Pothos Ivy, and Cast Iron Plants.

The Psychological Benefits of Aquariums

Aquariums are known to have a relaxing effect on the people who live with them. They lower blood pressure and reduce stress. Aquariums have a hypnotic effect that can be relaxing, soothing, and create an affinity with particular fish.

An aquarium can help foster positive attitudes and even prolong life with its calming effects, especially among those who have suffered a heart attack. There's also evidence that an aquarium can help seniors with Alzheimer's disease. The presence of an aquarium can result in real improvements. One of the symptoms of Alzheimer's can be mood swings and aggressive behavior, and the calming effects of an aquarium have been shown to reduce these symptoms.

Besides the houseplants and aquariums, some retirement residences also allow seniors to bring their own pets, such as All Seniors Care Living Centres. For many, wanting to remain with a beloved cat or dog can be the main reason for not making the move to a retirement residence. When you're free to live in a retirement residence with your pet at no extra cost, it's a much easier decision to make.

If you're about to make a move to a retirement residence, ask about pets and consider decorating your suite with an abundance of houseplants or an aquarium. Plants and tropical fish can bring life to a new room and help you feel like you've moved in.

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