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How To Pollution Proof Your Dinner

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Before going into the ways in which you can pollution proof your dinner, I need to explain what is meant by the term. After all, I know it sounds confusing, so offering some clarity is required.

We surround ourselves with pollution every single day. The idea that you are dealing with pollutants even when making your Sunday roast is something of a surprise.

This all stems from a study by the University of Texas that looked at things inside of the home that leads to the creation of pollution. It turns out that cooking and how we go about making different dishes is one of the main causes.

So, what happens, and how can you stop all of this pollution?

Boil Rather Than Roast

What the study showed was that it is the roasting process that tends to cause the most problems. It makes sense to then turn your attention to boiling instead of roasting in order to reduce those problems.

The fact that boiling is safer than roasting has often been linked to other aspects of cooking, but the way in which it prevents the creation of harmful particles in the air is a major benefit.

People often feel that this is the wrong thing to do as boiling takes away a number of nutrients. However, it's not as bad as you think, and is it not better to have this option instead of throwing pollutants into the air and breathing them in?

Charring Isn't That Good

When roasting vegetables, there is a tendency to look for them to become charred. This is seen as being a sign that all is good, but the reality is that this is bad for you.

The burning process results in high concentrations of harmful particles being released that are small enough for us to inhale them. These burning particles are higher in volume than background levels outside, and that is surprising.

You should know that even burning toast is viewed as being bad for your health. There are some that argue it can produce particles that may eventually become cancerous even though it does take some time for this to happen. Also, there are no guarantees.

An Extractor Fan Helps

If you still feel like making your roast dinner on a regular basis, then you should consider investing in an extractor fan. How this helps is by removing those particles from the air before they are even able to leave the oven.

With an extractor fan, you want one that can remove even the smallest of particles. It is those that cause the most problems as can easily ingest them and they get stuck in our lungs. You want a fan that has high quality filters included, and do check that it meets up with industry standards before buying.

In short, it prevents you from getting those harmful parts into your body.

Consider Using Plants

One area you may never have considered is using plants, but you need to know which ones to use. While plants will generally improve the quality of the air, there are some plants that are wonderful at helping mop up air pollution.

With this, you should look out for the likes of peace lillies, rubber plants, bamboo palms and areca palms. They are all known for their ability to improve air quality, and they also look pretty cool in your home.

The one final thing regarding plants is that they are not the best option out there. However, they are probably the nicest.

Create A Flow Of Air

One major contributor is if the air is stagnant in your home. This means the dangerous particles will hang there and increase the chances of them causing problems.

You should create a flow of air by either using daily living aids or even by opening a window. This helps to move things around, and you will notice a difference with the way in which the air feels.

The most important thing of all when it comes to creating a pollution free meal is to avoid burning things. That is the action that will cause all of the problems, and yet it is something that we can avoid.

Of course, the idea of not burning anything when making a roast sounds crazy. One thing to keep in mind is that making a roast once a week is hardly going to result in you having major health problems. Moderation is key, and if you can stick to that then you can continue to enjoy your roasts.

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