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Hair Loss In Young People: What You Need To Know

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When experiencing hair loss it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause. Maybe it could be stress from a brand new job, excessive colouring or an unbalanced diet, all of these things can contribute to the hair loss and in some cases can cause damage to the self-esteem as well as confidence especially in young people. Here we are going to look at everything you need to know about hair loss in young people and what could be causing it.

Hereditary Hair Loss

One common cause of hair loss in young people is hereditary hair loss. This is the highest cause of hair loss in young people and unfortunately, there is no solution. It is a common misconception that this is more common in men however it is, in fact, common in both men and women. Although this can be prevented by maintaining a strict hair care regime there are also innovative hair transplant techniques performed in Istanbul that help to restore the hairline with a pain-free procedure. This is perfect for those that have experienced a vast amount of hair loss and are looking to restore their old hairline as this can be done with ease.

Hormonal Hair Loss

Another main cause of hair loss in young people is hormonal hair loss. With the changes that happen in a young person body, hormonal changes can sometimes lead to hair loss or thinning as a result of such change. If you are dealing with this, there are a number of tablets that can be taken to help balance out the hormones and help reduce the effects, however, this will need to be implemented within a care plan to help fully maintain the growth of your hair throughout the process. Although we are meant to lose 100 hair per day on average it is important to see your doctor if you feel you may be losing more.

Over Styling

Overstyling and excess colouring is also a common reason behind hair loss in young people as this can cause the hair to become brittle and break. A simple way to avoid this is to opt for hairstyles that can be left in overnight as this does not require heat and cannot cause any damage. However, if you have hair that requires heat in order to dry, try using a medium heat or even the lowest setting. This will allow the hair to dry without boiling at the root, locking in the moisture and maintaining shine.

Colouring should also be avoided where possible leaving a substantial amount of time in between colours to ensure that the hair has time to heal. This is particularly important if you are using semi-permanent colour as this dries out the hair and can cause breakage if not cared for properly. By using the right shampoo and conditioner as well as monitoring the overall health of your hair you can prevent it from falling out.

Unhealthy lifestyle

The final cause of hair loss in young people is an unhealthy lifestyle. With a number of young people being deficient in key vitamins such as B12, Iron and vitamin D to name a few this can all stunt the growth of your hair. These are vital vitamins that maintain the strength and shine of your hair, without these it can become brittle and break leading to hair loss as a result.

If you feel as though you may be deficient in vitamins such as these it is vital that you get in contact with your GP. With a number of tests, you can then work to combat the hair loss with vitamin supplements that are needed for the hair to grow.

Whether you are deficient in some vitamins or you are experiencing hereditary hair loss there are a number of reasons for hair loss in young people.

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