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Tips for Shopping for a Cosmetic Surgeon

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Anyone who has ever looked up pictures of botched plastic surgeries will understand the importance of choosing a reliable cosmetic surgeon. Altering your body, even slightly, with cosmetic surgery is a huge choice to make. Many people have felt that their lives have changed for the better after they've gotten cosmetic surgery, others haven't been so lucky. You deserve to feel confident in who you're choosing as a cosmetic surgeon.

If you're thinking about getting cosmetic surgery done, here are a few tips to help you find a great cosmetic surgeon.

Review all local surgeons

The obvious first step to take while you're looking for a cosmetic surgeon is to thoroughly review all of the options in your area. You can easily find cosmetic surgeons near you by just looking it up, but you can also join online groups and forums. It could be more helpful to you by actually getting to hear from someone who used the same surgeon and get advice from them. You also might find that you have friends nearby who have had cosmetic surgery and they could guide you in the right direction.

Read online reviews

One of the plus sides of the internet is that you'll be able to see all of the reviews for cosmetic surgeons you're looking into. A lot of glowing reviews from patients of a cosmetic surgeon could help you make your decision. Likewise, bad reviews give you a clear red flag.

See if they're affiliated with a hospital

You'll find that just because you're having cosmetic surgery, it doesn't mean you'll be having it done in a hospital like you would a regular surgery. Many cosmetic surgeries are done outside of a hospital in an office room. While some procedures are regularly done in an office room without access to a hospital, it's understandable if this makes you uncomfortable. Not having hospital privileges makes many wary of cosmetic surgery, because if something were to go wrong they wouldn't have the immediate care of a hospital staff.

Be cautious of before and after photos

Everyone has seen before and after photos posted online at some point, even if it's just from a friend's personal weight loss journey. Recently people have gotten into exposing before and after photos for how easy it is for people to fake improvement in them to sell a product or service. If you're looking at a surgeon's before and after photos, take note of anything that might make a difference in the after photos. Small things like better fitting clothing, different lighting, or more flattering angles can all give the guise of improvements that might not really be there.

Make sure they're board certified

You would probably expect that anytime you're looking into getting cosmetic surgery that any licensed physician can call themselves a cosmetic surgeon. Regardless of their training or experience, there isn't really much regulation regarding who can use the title cosmetic surgeon. From some smaller and routine procedures, having a certification might not be that important if they're a doctor you're already familiar with and trust. In some cases, your procedure might even be done by a nurse being supervised by a cosmetic surgeon. If you want to feel certain that you're choosing the right cosmetic surgeon, make sure that they're board certified. For doctors who have the proper education and training, check for an American Board of Cosmetic Surgery certification.

Ask about the surgeon's experience

Is your procedure slightly unique or more extensive than some of the most common cosmetic procedures? If you think that your surgery has the potential to have some difficulties, you'll want to be sure that your cosmetic surgeon has the right experience for your procedure to run smoothly. Knowing ahead of time that your doctor has successfully performed your surgery in the past can help put your mind at ease. Different procedures require different skill sets so a surgeon who excels at one isn't necessarily going to be perfect across the board. If you're looking for butt implants, you want to be sure you're doctor specializes in that, a specialization in nose jobs might not cut it.

Look for a friendly staff

Anytime you're looking to hire someone for any job, you want to be sure that they'll give you friendly care. Especially with something as serious as cosmetic surgery, a bad staff can make the whole experience for you unpleasant. Cosmetic surgery can make anyone feel nervous and vulnerable, so you want to be sure that the staff you're working with will make you feel more comfortable and cared for.

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