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Demi Lovato Credits Kim Kardashian For ‘Revolutionalizing’ How Women Look At Themselves

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Demi Lovato
(Photo : Adam Bettcher / Getty Images Entertainment) She credits her confidence to Kim Kardashian.

Demi Lovato recently credited Kim Kardashian for revolution cizing the way women look at themselves. In a promo video for Allure's January issue, the 22-year old singer said that Kim has created a new means of being accepted with curves nowadays.

Demi Lovato is open about her weight problems in the past. She suffered from bulimia and said, "I really learned to accept my body when the trend states becoming less about super, super skinnly models that was completely unattainable for anybody to have."

"I learned to accept my body," Lovato said. She added that she is moving on from her previous struggle with bulimia and added, "It's time for a new chapter in my life."

When asked what her sexiest part of her body is, she deliberately said, "I love my butt." She hopes that the trend on having big and sexy butts won't go away. Lovato also saidthat she no longer feels bad for having a fuller shape. Hence, she is crediting all these to Kim Kardashian because she has expanded the range of body types in the media today.

The Skyscraper singer participated in a photo shoot for the magazine's January issue. During her photoshoot, she was not her rocker-chic self but looked stunning with her strapless black long gown, thigh-high boots and puffed sleeves.  Her seductive pose compliments her sexy and body. Above all, she reflected class and confidence.

In related news, the former X Factor judge admitted that she is hardly any make up for the photo shoot including any foundation. She decided on this look to allow her freckles to show and her natural beauty to be seen. She was just wearing a lipstick to help her emphasize her lips and pout.

The former X Factor judge admitted to hardly wearing any makeup for the shoot, including no foundation, so that she could allow her freckles and natural beauty glow. However she did add lipstick to emphasize her pout.

She proudly said, "What really makes me feel sexy is being able to rock no makeup wherever I go. Also, I like wearing pants or skirts that showcase my beautiful assets. I love my butt. Hopefully it stays that way, because it's not going anywhere."

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