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If You’re Having a Hard Time Losing Weight, Your Loved Ones May Be the Reason

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Report Cites Obesity As Major Health Hazard
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For many of us, while gaining weight seems so convenient and quick, losing it requires a lot of hard work. But do you know what it makes even more difficult?

A new study about weight loss suggests that your loved ones-that is, your friends, family, and partner-may determine whether you'll gain or lose the unwanted pounds.

If you're wondering why, it has something to do with their acceptance messages. The more they accept you for who you are, with all the fat, the higher the chances you won't gain weight or even start to lose it.

To illustrate this effect, a team of Canadian researchers tapped women at university age as their subjects. They picked them as, based on their demographic profile, they are the ones more likely to be conscious and concerned about their weight.

In the beginning of the study, the researchers composed of social psychologists obtained personal data such as their height and weight. They were also interviewed about their perception about their weight especially when they weighed themselves.

Almost half a year later, the researchers asked the subjects if they share their weight concerns to their loved ones and how they reacted to them. Three months after, they measured their weight again.

Many of the women gained weight over the period of the study. However, those who received acceptance messages were the ones who were more likely to maintain or shed at least a pound, according to the results. Meanwhile, those who received less of this acceptance message gained almost 5 pounds.

For the researchers, the study is significant since many adults in Canada are now on the far end of their ideal BMI. In other words, they may not be considered overweight or obese yet, but they are on the same path if they don't do something about it.

The encouragement and words of acceptance from loved ones therefore can help you achieve a healthy BMI and body. 

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