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New Study Says It Is Okay To Work Out While Sick

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Working out
(Photo : Dan Kitwood / Getty Images News) It is okay to work out even if sick with simple ailments.

A new study reveals that it is alright to work out even when a person is sick with a mild condition in contrast to previous information known by many individuals. In the past, they are not recommending people to exercise or work out when they are not feeling well. However, experts believed that engaging in physical activity in moderate intensity can help a person be cured of simple colds.

According to Dr. Wayne Stokes, sports medicine expert at New York University's Langone Medical Center, "If you are mildly sick, staying active will promote your immune function, and help you sleep better."

On the other hand, a Florida-based personal trainer said that people should know their limits while they have colds or battling flu. She is recommending that people should not push themselves any higher demand on the body during working out. "I  treat it like an active recovery day and I tell my clients to do the same," she added.

She added that individuals suffering from a cold should take into consideration skipping the gym to prevent transferring the illness to others. Meanwhile, an assistant professor at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine, Dr. Michael Angarone said that pathogens are most likely to spread on the first three days of acquiring it. Hence, they suggest that people should then work out in their home or a simple jog outside than going to a public gym.

However, experts are recommending exercise or working out in other health conditions too. Such conditions include a feverish flu or stomach ache. Yet symptoms like diarrhea and vomiting can become worse with any physical activity. Doctors also recommend to skip working out if the person has high fever because it can increase the risk for having an inflammation of the heart termed as myocarditis. This condition if not promptly treated, can lead to sudden death.  Also, working out uses the water content of the body and if a person has fever and works out, dehydration is possible.

They now suggest that working out if a person is sick is actually an individualized condition and it depends on the body's capacity to withstand both illness and exercise.

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