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Forbes Reviews Best Diets Of 2015, Ranked By US NEWS And World Report

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Fruits and vegetables
(Photo : Justin Sullivan / Getty Images News) DASH diet consists of many fruits and vegetables.

It is 2015 and yes, US News and World Report have ranked the best diets this year. This compilation has been running for five years now and Forbes gave a summary of the said report.

According to a recent report by Forbes, the US News and World Report released the best diets for 2015. For five consecutive years, DASH (Dietary Approaches To Stop Hypertension) has topped the list. It is dubbed as the best overall diet for health and wellness.

Dash diet was developed by National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute in order to help people prevent and cure high blood pressure. It mainly consists of eating a lot of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat dairy foods. The most important factor here is reducing salt intake.

On the other hand, the Paleo diet, with so many restrictions in its list of food fell last. In the last several years, this diet was a mainstream diet fad but because of its lack of versatility, most people were frustrated.

Health experts were helped by the US News and World Report staff to rank all diet crazes this year. They ranked all the diet trends in seven categories which include 'How easy to follow', 'How well it produces short term weight loss', How well it produces long term weight loss', 'nutritional completeness', 'safety', and 'how it can prevent diabetes and heart disease'.

In the rankings, they were converted into a score of 1 which is the worst and 5 which is the highest or best. Then, they filtered the categories into 'Best Diet Overall', 'Best Diet for Weight Loss', 'Best Heart Healthy Diet', 'Best Diabetes Diet', and 'Best Plant-based Diet'.

Hence, the experts suggest that there is no single diet that is right for everyone. Every diet is individualized. According to Senior health and wellness editor at US News, Angela Haupt, "The central aim of the rankings is to give the public a rundown of the diets in very clear terms so that people will have the tools to make the best personal decision. We know that dieting is very, very hard. People often fail because maybe they've chosen the wrong method."

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