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Diet Success: It's All in the Mind

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Although many of the diet plans can certainly help in reducing weight, they also require a lot of hard work and commitment. They are even so hard to follow that people often fall off the wagon after only a few weeks. Thus, Jenn Hand of Huffington Post suggests: don't diet.

Rather, change your mind-set. When you're able to shift the way you think from trying to lose weight into something more profound and significant into your overall health and well-being-into your life-then you have a much bigger chance of succeeding. Best of all, you don't have to "diet" anymore.

One of her first steps is to understand the why behind your diet. What is the main reason why you're dieting? Perhaps the explanation goes beyond losing weight. It may be about battling insecurity or jealousy, or perhaps losing the weight may be equivalent to gaining self-esteem.

When you begin to understand the logic behind your diet, you will be kinder to yourself and have a more pleasing relationship with food. It will start to change the way you view it as a punishment for perhaps binging over the holidays.

Next, you need to reconsider your previous diet plans, especially why they won't work. With Jenn Hand's experience, dieting only forced her to eat more than she should as she always ended up giving in to eating food she swore never to consume again.

Third, instead of depriving yourself with the food you want to eat, consume it but with the goal of satisfying yourself. Once you are satisfied, then you stop eating. Deprivation, after all, is one of the foremost reasons why we falter with our diet plans.

It's also essential that you pay more attention to your needs. Sometimes we tend to confuse many things like our need to break away from stress with the desire to eat junk food. It's possible what you need is a complete rest. 

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