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Eartox Is The Hot New Trend In Anti-Aging

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Eartox is giving earlobes everywhere a younger, firmer new look.
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Plastic surgery has now taken on ear rejuvenation as one of the additions to its lengthening list of procedures design to create a more youthful appearance in patients. Most recently, a procedure called eartox has been popularized and involves the injection dermal fillers into the earlobes to "revolumize and restore earlobes and give them a more youthful looking appearance with long lasting results and no downtime."

Cosmetic surgeons say that this procedure is very simple and can be carried out in a short procedure that does not require patients to stay in the hospital or take a significant break from their normal daily activities.

 According to a report, eartox has especially been gaining popularity among women over the age of 40 who want to restore youthfulness and vitality to their ears by shortening stretched out earlobes, which may be accounted to the effects of gravity or already- sagging skin due to the use of large, dangly, or heavy ear ornaments.

Dr. Carolyn Berry, the cosmetic surgeon who has been pioneering the procedure in the United Kingdom said in a statement that, "When I was first asked if I could inject fillers into a patient's ear, I thought 'this is ridiculous, how can it make a difference?' But it really does. Women who haven't had the confidence to wear their hair up for years suddenly have that option. I would never have believed that it was possible to make that much difference either self-esteem until he saw the results myself."

As a person ages, the skin loses most of its collagen content and this process affects skin in the earlobes as well. As the skin loses its elasticity, the earlobes will also begin to lose volume and sag, resulting to a pendulous lobe that make the patient a lot older and distorts the natural symmetry of the face. Eartox redefines the lines where the face meets that ear, plumping them out and making "the tissues appear softer and more hydrated."

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