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HMR's Baptist Health Diet Holds Second Place In Best Diets Of 2015

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(Photo : Justin Sullivan / Getty Images News) Best diets 2015 list are helpful choices to lose weight.

The United States News & World Report announced last week the new list of the Best Weight-Loss Diet of 2015. HMR Weight Management's Baptist Health Diet was ranked as No. 2 Best Weight Loss Diet this year. The scores and ranking were based on HMR weight-loos ratings.

HMR programs are designed to focus on programs that integrate diet, exercise and healthy living through weekly coaching. . It was established way back in 2006 wherein it used three different HMR programs to work hand in hand in helping more than 1,500 clients to lose 45,000 pounds for the past nine years. However, this is the first time that a HMR program was included in the annual list of ranking.

HMR was evaluated with 34 other diets and it received second rank based on criteria like being easy to follow, allows for short and long term weight loss, providing nutritional power, safety, and ability to manage lifestyle diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The reporters from the US News & World Report looked into profiles of each diet with nutritional experts.

"We're extremely pleased that HMR's weight-loss program has been recognized nationally as one of the most effective diets for weight loss. Not only is the program highly successful for losing weight, but many of our patients who have high blood pressure and diabetes see a drastic improvement in their health, which often leads to a decrease in the need for medications for those conditions," said Stacy Warren, program leader for Baptist Health's weight-loss program.

Based on the 2015 Best Weight-Loss Diets website, the HMR diet has won second place in the raking because of its rigorous approach that makes patient more motivated. Furthermore, meal replacements and medical supervision makes it easier to monitor each patient. . "This is one of the better researched diets. It's existed for more than 30 years and is supported by hospitals and medical clinics," one health expert reiterated.

The ultimate aim of the HMR diet is to assist patients to lose weight and keep it from coming back through meal replacements that entails adding fruits and vegetables and increasing physical activity. The first in the rank is Weight Watchers while in third place is Biggest Loser Diet. 

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