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Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong: Women Faces Life Threatening Infection After Face Fillers Moved

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Plastic Surgery
(Photo : Xurxo Lobato / Getty Images Cover) Plastic surgery mishaps are everywhere.

Alex Laird, 53, has bought the Bio-Alcamid filler treatment from a plastic surgeon in London about eight years ago. After several years, her fillers apparently moved that caused serious and life threatening bacterial infections that brought her to the hospital twice. Now, her face was left disfigured. She has appeared on Botched Up Bodies on Channel 5 on January 16.

The movement of the chemicals in her face left her with disastrous and awful bumps all over her face. This caused serious infections that had her battle for her life. Luckily, she had her fillers removed by another surgeon and is now recovering both from physical and psychological trauma from her experience.

Laird was not a newbie in plastic surgery. In fact, in the 1980s, she had cheek implants to make her look more beautiful. However, she told Daily Mail, "It's never going to happen." She added, "I used to look at people who had lovely big cheekbones and I wanted that. I didn't want to look sad anymore. I went to the UK to a particular surgeon. I knew nothing about him or the procedure; I just said I wanted cheek implants in my face."

At first, the results made her happy but it didn't last long. Two months after her surgery, the implants shrunk and the outlines were noticeable. As time passes by, the implants made her look more miserable. Hence, she resorted to the internet for a solution.

She saw an online advertisement on permanent fillers. She said, "I'm going to get this done. This is finally the answer I've been looking for." Despite the objections of her family and friends, she proceeded with having Bio-Alcamid fillers.

She told Daily Mail, "He said to me the filler was completely safe, there were no problems with it, he'd even put some in his own wife. He put it all down my jaw, in my cheeks, around my eyes and in my temple area. My friends and family were quite shocked at the way I looked, I was really pleased with the results."

Again, her appearance did not last long. The fillers started to cause inflammation and swelling that caused her face to look deformed. In her desperation, she sought the services of a doctor in Ireland and to her dismay, even the doctor was shocked upon seeing her face.

"I'll never forget the look on his face. The first thing he said to me was, "Did you sue whoever did this to you?" She recalled. She agreed that the fillers needed to be removed. After a while, she was rushed to a hospital because of severe infection. She again went to a cranial facial surgeon in London. The surgeon has asked her to have a MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) to help determine where the fillers are and to see if he can remove them.

Sadly, after three days, she was again rushed to a hospital due to infection. This time, it is more severe and life-threatening than before. Facial fillers can be dangerous to the body. In fact, adverse reactions to fillers can cause facial necrosis (cell death), disfigurement, nerve damage and anaphylactic shock.

Alex appeared on Botched Up Bodies earlier this week on Channel 5.

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