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Kim Kardashian Reveals Secret To Her Tiny Waist

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Kim Kardashian
(Photo : Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images Entertainment) Kim flaunts her tiny waist and sexy figure less than two years after she gave birth.

Apparently, Kim is the newest celebrity who is into corset waist training. She uses this weight loss strategy to flatten her tummy. Waist training entails using a corset all the time during the day to make the waist smaller. Kim started to do waist training before her wedding last year in order to regain her hourglass figure that has been her trademark.

The Corset Diet is a popular diet trend among women nowadays. Popularized by Vanna B., author of Waist Training 101, it helps women slim down their midsection through gradually reducing the circumference of the waist by slowly increasing the tightness of the corset.

Aside from corset waist training, Kim also involves herself in high intensity workouts and low carbohydrate ketogenic Atkins diet. This type of diet promotes rapid weight loss by making the body use up fat for fuel. She has lost 56 pounds since her delivery to her daughter in 2013.

The diet she is using consisted of 1,800 to 2,200 calories but she limited her intake of carbohydrates to not more than 60 grams. Usually, she eats organic foods consisting of fish, chicken, and healthy oil. For her snacks, she eats fruits and nuts.

Kim also exercises every day where she combines high intensity workouts with strength training. Also, for her sexy butt, she reveals she does a lot of squats. She denies allegations and rumors that she went under plastic surgery to regain her hour glass figure.

Postpartum women have the same predicaments, losing weight and regaining their pre-pregnancy weight. Eating a healthy diet while being physically active are the keys to losing the extra pounds gained during pregnancy.

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