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No More E-Cigarettes in Public Places in California?

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World Health Organisation Calls For Regulation Of Ecigarettes
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E-cigarette users in California, heads up. If this bill gets through, you may no longer be able to bring your e-cigarette anywhere you go.

A new bill pushed by Democrat Mark Leno seeks to control the sale and use of e-cigarettes, also called vapour cigarettes, by banning smoking them in public. It also wants to penalize any store that sells the product to minors.

Vapor cigarettes have become extremely popular over the last few years as an alternative to traditional cigarettes. Many studies have already proven that the latter contains too much carcinogens. In fact, more than 90% of lung cancer can be attributed to long-term smoking of traditional cigarettes. E-cigarettes work by heating a liquid with nicotine then inhaling the steam. Until now there's no definite study when it comes to the health risks of e-cigarettes.

Nevertheless, according to Leno, e-cigarettes will just as be harmful as regular cigarettes as they can still cause nicotine addiction. He further added that if the use and sale of vapor cigarettes is not controlled, there will be more families and friends dying from them just like how it is with traditional tobacco.

With the bill, e-cigarette smokers can no longer use the device in their workplaces, restaurants, and other public spaces.

But that's not all. The bill will also restrict the sale of e-cigarettes to minors by imposing penalties to stores that sell them to these young ones. There's a growing number of teens who are smoking e-cigarettes since they don't leave any nasty scent that is normally associated with tobacco. Moreover, they are available in different fun flavors such as chocolate and bubble gum.

As early as now, the bill is already facing some scrutiny from groups such as American Vaping Association. They believe that the bill may prevent traditional smokers from quitting. Leno, on the other hand, has gained support by none other than American Heart Association and American Cancer Society. 

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