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GTA 6 Rumors And Theories: Game To Happen In Either Houston Or Portland; Rockstar Leaning On Making Mexican Cartel The Antagonists?

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With the amount of success GTA V garnered upon its release, it won't be a surprise if GTA 6 receives a warm reception as well. Despite the GTA V PC version still up in the air, multiple rumors of GTA 6 already in development has been circulating online.

Probably the first question that pops into every GTA enthusiasts' head is where the story will revolve. Using the previous games as reference, the area where all the events took place is indicated in the title, with the exception of GTA V, which was held at Los Santos. So where should the sixth installment take place?

Real estate blog Movoto believes that the ideal city for the next GTA game is Portland, Oregon. Quoting the website:

"To be fair, Portland wasn't our first choice either. We looked at several cities, trying to see which one would be a great place to steal cars in. It's hard to argue with numbers, and the numbers show that not only is Portland a great choice for the next 'GTA,' but also that Portland probably would have actually been a better choice than that lame-sauce city Los Whateveros."

Another popular setting fans would like to experience is in Houston. In Reddit's GTA 6 forum, one fan with the username m15wallis, shared his ideas of GTA 6 being set in Houston, Texas. The city is enormous and is filled with rural areas and urban areas.

The Redditor went on to explain that Houston have something unique to offer compared to all the other cities in the GTA series. It has a rich cultural influence. There are the Mexican cartels, organized crimes and a combination of Rednecks and cowboys that will make the story more compelling.

What do you think readers? Will GTA 6 be better in Houston or Portland? Share your thoughts in the comment box below!

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