BEAUTY&STYLE Published August15, 2014 By Staff Reporter

Probiotics’ Surprising New Role In Skincare

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Probiotic -rich yogurt can be applied directly onto the skin to nourish  and brighten it.

The addition of probiotics into the diet has long been a recommendation by health experts to help boost the body's metabolism and maintain health.  However, there is a new direction that is being taken by this diet staple, as explained by Dr. Roshini Rajapaska, "Probiotics are beneficial bacteria or yeast-organisms that offer multiple benefits of the human body. When something disrupts the balance of bacteria, it can result in disease or inflammation and probiotics restore that balance."

Probiotics in dietary supplements have been known to reduce inflammation along a person's gastrointestinal tract, restore the lining of intestines, and reduce the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.  Studies have also noted, however, that ingestion of probiotics have also manifested specific effects on the skin such as a reduction of irritation, inflammation and skin redness. With this, probiotics are now being endorsed for topical application.

According to Dr. Raj, "The American Academy of dermatology has called probiotics one of the new beauty breakthroughs as they've been shown to help with clearer skin, decreased skin sensitivity, redness, and inflammation. You may also see a reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and increased elasticity." He also says that products such as yogurt has naturally occurring probiotics and can be applied directly onto the face and use as a facial mask. There are also dermatological products that have now been released into the market that contain probiotics.  These specially formulated cleansers, serums, and eye and face creams contain the ideal amount of probiotics and skin nutrients that will help to brighten, nourish, and smoothen the skin, however, since these formulations are still relatively new, it is too early to tell if people would get better results through the ingestion or application of probiotics. In any case, Dr. Raj and his team say that one or both methods will definitely yield good results. Lactobacilli and bifidobacterium are the probiotics that have been found to get to skin the most benefits.

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