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Beauty Craze: Check Out This New Facial Cream Made Of Your Own Blood

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(Photo : Jennifer Polixenni Brankin / Getty Images Entertainment) To maintain your youthful glow, why not try this new face cream with your blood in it.

A new beauty craze is making its rounds in the beauty industry nowadays. A new facial cream worth £950 or $1446 can make the skin look younger and combat skin aging. So, what's the catch? Apparently, this cream is made of human blood.

Beauty experts say that each tub of MC1 contains the proteins and growth factors found in blood. With these special ingredients, it promises to reduce signs of premature aging such as age spots through building collagen, reducing pores and empowering the healing properties of cells of the skin.

According to Daily Mail, the cream was developed and designed by Dr. Barbara Sturm, a cosmetic doctor in Germany. However, it is now only available in the United Kingdom and has not been released in the United States yet. It will be available at London's Dorchester hotel.

The blood ingredients will be extracted from the blood of the client. They have special healing properties that can be used by the skin of the face. Dr. Sturm is the cosmetic doctor of many famous celebrities. She added that this will be the future of skin care.

The blood will then be processed through a syringe and incubated for two to six hours upon extraction. Then the extracted blood will be mixed with the special cream Dr. Strum developed. "Since over the counter products are typically full of marketing rather than medical ideas, and aggressive ingredients like fragrance, parabens, and mineral oils, I believe effective bespoke treatments will be the wave of the future. People whose face is their business has to take the best care of it," she said.

This beauty craze has been in the limelight for some time now and many celebrities are reportedly using this cream. There had been other facial procedures similar to this one. The blood facial or vampire facial entails injecting the face with the blood of the client. The doctor extracts blood from the client and then centrifuges it until the plasma part is separated. It will be rubbed on the face following microneedles being used to make sure the blood will be absorbed by the skin.

The main idea in this beauty craze is that enables the face to build collagen and repair from damage through the platelets boosting its growth factor abilities. This will prompt the skin to produce new collagen that will make the skin elastic and youth-looking. 

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