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‘American Horror Story’ Season 5 Cast & Plot: Storyline To Focus On Radioactive Bomb Test Site? Dandy Might Return!

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Finn Wittrock at HBO's Post 2015 Golden Globes Party.
(Photo : Frazer Harrison | Getty Images Entertainment)

Fans of the highly watched horror anthology, "American Horror Story," have been giving a lot of speculations about what the plot for the show's Season 5 will be. A report by Inquisitr, according to Christian Today, claimed that the finale episode of Season 4 had actually provided a clue about the next storyline.

The report said that the showrunners might have incorporated a very subtle hint in final episode of "Freak Show." When Massimo, played by Danny Huston, declined to come with Elsa Mars, played by Jessica Lange, to run away to Rome, he mentioned that his reason for not coming was his bone and lung disease.

It is because of this disease that he did not want to waste anyone else's time, since he was going to die in a month's time. According to the rumor mill, his condition might be caused by the radioactive bombs that were dropped at the Nevada Test Site at the time.

This rumored clue might mean that it is highly possible the storyline for "American Horror Story" Season 5 will be "Operation Top Hat." This was the name given to the Government's highly classified project where chemical warfare explosives were tested in Nevada during the 50s.

Moreover, fans of the show have admitted that they want to see more of Finn Wittrock, who excellently played the role of the insane Dandy in Season 4. Even Wittrock himself was interested in taking on something "utterly different."

"There has honestly been no conversation about it," Wittrock told Nola. "If I do something else, the great thing about the show is I can do something completely and utterly different, which is what I want to do if I did it again."

He might be open to the idea of joining a show that is dominated by a female cast, but just like everyone else, he would have to wait to hear from Ryan Murphy. Game 'N Guide said fans are hoping that he will give Wittrock's return to Season 5 a green light.

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