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A Yummy Diet Just Gets Better: It Can Reduce Risk of Stroke

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Aspects Of The Mediterranean Diet
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The Mediterranean diet is probably one of the most delicious types of diet you can choose: seafood, herbs, spices, good fats like olive oil, some cheeses, and dairy. But what makes it even better is the idea that it may also reduce your risk of stroke.

This has been the findings of a group of researchers led by Dr. Ayesha Sherzai. She is currently a New York neurologist. Her team discovered that this type of diet can significantly reduce your risk to stroke by as much as 18 percent, even if you factor other intervening methods such as exercise and non-smoking.

For the research, she backtracked to a study conducted more than 15 years ago. Called California Teachers Study, it was conducted on more than 130,000 teachers, who were mostly female and white, with a median age of 52. The 1994 study was also performed across the country. One of the prominent components of the study was their eating habits.

From the data provided by these study, the team led by Sherzai matched the participants' eating patterns to some criteria that relate to the Mediterranean diet and established the connection between a diet that's Mediterranean to a lower ischemic stroke risk.

One of the best things about the Mediterranean diet is it isn't too restrictive as other forms of eating plans. For example, you are still allowed to eat meats and sweets but only sparingly. Some adhere to limiting meat to at least once or twice a month.

Underneath the Mediterranean diet pyramid are fruits, vegetables, whole grains, herbs, spices, legumes, beans, and good fats that may be derived from olive oil and avocados. These types of fat increase good cholesterol, which works opposite to bad cholesterol by preventing the build-up of plaque. Second priority are seafood such as fish.

While this diet isn't for everyone, the team hopes that we can take good pointers from it.  

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