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Madonna News: Singer Appears Drunk Again In The ‘Rebel Heart Tour’ Concert: Will She Lose Rocco’s Custody Battle?

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Madonna performs in concert at Rod Laver Arena on March 12, 2016 in Melbourne, Australia.
(Photo : Graham Denholm | Getty Images News)

Rocco's custody battle with former husband Guy Ritchie has exerted a lot of strain on the ''Material Girl'' singer Madonna. Her latest news of appearing in an inebriated condition to several concerts proves this point. So will she lose her custody battle due to her erratic behaviour?

In the beginning of the year she was allegedly drunk in the Nashville concert. Even though the 57 year old singer negated all the charges, the rumors remained in the air about her personal life. A few days back Daily Mail reported ''Cavorting around on stage dressed as a clown, complete with pink wig and stripey stockings, a 'drunk' Madonna downed a vodka cocktail and burst into tears as her bitter custody battle raged on.''

Mirror talked about the evening in great details and posted a video of the show too. During her ''Rebel Heart Tour'' in Melbourne, the ''Ray of Light'' famed singer completely broke down. She dedicated a song to her teenage son too. She came for the show four hours late and appeared on the stage on a tricycle. "To me they symbolise heartbreak" stated the pop diva talking about why she chose to appear as a clown.

Sky news mentioned that "What It Feels Like for a Girl" famed singer again opened a Pandora's box by appearing drunk on the stage. "One thing I want to do that I haven't done before is drink on stage," Madonna said.

Just a day before Madonna and Ritchie had a six hour long custody battle for Rocco in London. A few days back Richie even talked about the fact that Madonna has done a lot of damage to their son. "Guy wants to wait until Rocco's future is decided before making any plans for his schooling," an insider told The Sun via Mirror.

Madonna has always mentioned that her children mean the world to her, however, as per the latest report Rocco's blocking his mother on Instagram had hurt the "Papa Don't Preach" famed singer a lot. Even Lourdes her other child does not like her mother a lot due to her constant tours and materialistic approach.

So even though her career has been going great guns and her latest ''Rebel Heart Tour'' is a block buster success, will her heart break caused due to the problems in her personal life break this talented singer down? Or will she be able to come out of all the depression and troubles and pose as a strong diva which she always has been?

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